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Redtenbacher, Ferdinand
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Cornell University
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Copyright Francis Moon and Daina Taimina. Made publicly available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike License. For all other uses see KMODDL Rights & Permissions.
Ferdinand Redtenbacher (1809-1863), German mechanical engineer.
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Researcher: David Caruso
Researcher: Javier Lezaun
Author: Francis Moon
Author: Daina Taimina
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Ralated Models:
UK080. Balance-beam Straight-line Mechanism
UK090. Valve Control for Steam Engine
UK008. Cam Mechanism with Heart-shaped Profile
UK011. Spatial Bar-linkage Joint
UK026. Slider Crank Mechanism with Automatic Stroke Adjustment during each Revolution
UK041. 6-part Geneva Wheel Intermittend Mechanism
UK085. Gear Wheel Train Driving a Pinion Supported by Wheel Engagement only
UK037. Reciprocating Gear Mechanism
UK052. Gear Drive with Spiral Characteristic
UK009. Variable Stroke Motion by Two Cams Adjustable against Eachother
UK036. Reciprocating 2-gear Mechanism
UK054. Extreme Gear Reduction by Two Series-connected Worm Gear Drives
UK062. Mechanism of Excentrically Supported Wheels and a Double Crank for Drawing an Indicator Diagram (Example 2)
UK091. Planetary Gear Train with Strap Brake
T12. Compound Crank Parallel Guide of Redtenbacher
UK084. Bevel Gear Disengaging Device with Two Claw Couplings
UK028. Cam Straight-line Mechanism with Uniform Bar Motion
UK013. Fou-bar Linkage (left)
UK083. Gear Train of 7 Wheels Producing a rotational Motion with Stop
UK050. Slider Crank Mechanism with Stroke Doubling by Wheel/Rack Combination
UK081. Straight-line Mechanism with a Twin Gear Driving Two Slider Cranks
UK018. Dual Parallel Four-bar Mechanism
UK086. Gear Wheel Train for Superposition of Two Rotational Motions of a Sphere
UK039. Reciprocating 3-teeth Spider/Slider Mechanism (Mangle Drive)
UK022. Sliding Crank/Rocker Mechanism
UK078. Jaw and Cone Clutch
UK031. Peaucellier Straight-line Mechanism
UK077. Inverse Rotational Motion by Three Bevel Gear Segments
UK020. Four-bar Linkage with Two Fly Wheels
UK067. Gear Transmission
T13. Compound Rack and Pinion Parallel Guide of Redtenbacher
UK095. Table with 5 Legs Supported by Ball & Socket Joints
UK029. Cam Straight-line Mechanism with Spiral Cam Profile
UK084. Spur Gear Wheel Disengaging Device
UK076. Gear for Belt Alternation with Planetary Gear Reduction
UK035. Reciprocating Gear/Slider Mechanism (Mangle Drive)
UK096. Morganīs Paddle Wheel Drive
UK023. Double Sliding Crank Mechanism with Adjustable Crank Length
UK070. Gear Transmission for Superposition of Two Rotational Motions
UK034. Reciprocating Gear/Rocker Mechanism
UK048. Heart-shaped Gear Wheel Pair (Example 2)
UK024. Slider Crank Mechanism
UK092. Double Planetary Gear with Revolvable Sun Wheel
UK051. Axial Displacement of a Gear by Trapezoidal Thread
UK073. Dynamometer with Bevel Gears
UK040. Spur Gear Unit with a 4-teeth Pinion
UK014. Spatial Four-bar Linkage (right)
UK027. Wattīs Planetary Gear Slider-crank Mechanism
UK075. Four-wheel Bevel Gear Drive for Belt Alternation
UK044. Slider Crank Mechanism Driven by Excentric/Oval Wheel Combination
UK030. Cross-guided Slider Crank Mechanism for Speed Transmission 1:2 without Gears
UK071. Differential Bevel Gear with Fixed Carrying Wheel
UK007. Heart-profiled Cam Mechanism
UK063. Trajectory Plotter for Piston Stroke versus Rotation Angle
UK056. Screw Spindle Drive for Drilling Machine
UK046. Heart-shaped gear wheel pair (Example 1)
UK006. Eccentric Slider-crank Mechanism (right)
UK065. Four-bar Mechanism with Centrode
UK045. Slider Crank Mechanism Driven by an Elliptic Wheel Pair
UK060. Switching Mechanism with Gear Rack
UK088. Stephenson Valve Gear Mechanism (Example 2)
UK017. Mechanism illustrating Theorem of Roberts
UK021. Slider Crank Mechanism Containing an Antiparallel Crank Device with Dead Center Aid
UK053. Worm and Two-wheel Drive Chain
UK074. Three-wheel Bevel Gear Drive for Belt Drive Reversal
UK068. Differential Gear with Overrunning Clutch
UK047. Spur Gear Unit with a Quadrangular Wheel Pair
UK064. Trajectory Plotter with Two Slider Crank Mechanisms
UK057. Screw Spindle Drive with Large Transmission by Planetary Gear
UK059. Gear Device with Racks for Superposition of Two Translational Motions
UK043. Spare Gear for Slider Crank Mechanism
UK058. Change 3-speed Gearbox with Rotation Angle Indication via Screw Spindles
UK033. Parallel Mechanism with Pole Illustration
UK087. Stephenson Valve Gear Mechanism (Example 1)
UK004. Double Slider-crank Mechanism with Pin Expansion
UK066. Multi-bar Linkage
UK032. Hypocycloid Two-gear Straight-line Mechanism
UK089. Planar Display Model of Steam Engine with Valve Control
UK082. Gear Train with Fixed and Swaying Axes
UK072. Differential Bevel Gear with Strap Brake
UK010. Cam Mechanism Adjustable by Spatial Profile
UK012. Cam Mechanism with Pauses
UK055. Screw Spindle Drive by Differential Thread
UK069. Gear Device with Flat Belt Drive
UK001. Double Slider Crank Mechanism (right)
UK025. Ellipsograph
UK097. Drive with 3-fold Universal Joint
UK038. Reciprocating Gear-wheel/Rack Mechanism
UK019. Four-bar Linkage with Fly Wheel
UK002. Double Slider-crank Mechanism
UK042. Geneva Wheel Intermittend Mechanism with a 2-step Switching
UK061. Mechanism of Excentrically Supported Gears and a Double Crank for Drawing an Indicator Diagram (Example 1)
UK079. Belt Drive with Return Stop
UK093. Speed Governor with Bevel Gear Drive
UK103. Curved Triangle in a Square Chamber
UK003. Double Slider-crank Mechanism with Circular Guideway (left)
UK005. Excentric Slider Mechanism (left)