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Mathematics of the Slider Cranks
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Tutorials and Descriptions
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Cornell University
Copyright David W. Henderson and Daina Taimina. Made publicly available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike License. For all other uses see KMODDL Rights & Permissions.
slider crank, topological extensions, offset slider cranks
In this tutorial we describe various manifestations of slider cranks among Reuleaux kinematic models. It is divided into four sections: 1.Generic Slider Crank 2. Inversions of the Slider Crank 3. Offset Slider Cranks 4. Topological Extensions of the Slider Crank.
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Daina Taimina
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Author: David W. Henderson
Author: Daina Taimina
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Ralated Models:
E05. Eccentric Slider Crank Mechanism
D03. Turning Block Slider-Crank -Inversion
E04. Eccentric-Slider Mechanism
D07. Double Slider-Crank Mechanism with Circular Guideway
D02. Swinging Block Slider Crank Mechanism
E03. Eccentric-Slider Mechanism
O04. Planetary Gear with Slider Crank
E01. Eccentric slider crank Mechanism
O03. Planetary Gear with Slider Crank
C04. Slider Crank Mechanism with Higher Order Pair
O02. Planetary Gear with Slider Crank
K01. Simple, Crossed, Slider Kinematic Chain
UK005. Excentric Slider Mechanism (left)
D06. Slider-Crank Linkage with Reduced Centrodes
E06. Eccentric-Slider Mechanism
K02. Double Crossed Slider Kinematic Chains
D04. Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion
C06. Slider Crank Mechanism
C05. Inversion of Slider-Crank Mechanism with Higher Pair Joints
O05. Planetary Gear, Slider-Crank Kinematic Chain
D01. Slider-Crank Linkage With Variable Angle Slider
E02. Eccentric Slider Crank Mechanism
D14. Annular Slider-Crank Mechanism
D13. Skewed Double Slider-Crank Mechanism
D09. Double Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion.
154. Horizontal Slide Valve Engine
136. Baling Press
D11. Double Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion
D10. Double Slider Ellipsograph of Leonardo da Vinci
C02. Slider Crank Mechanism