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Mathematics of the Slider Cranks
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Tutorials and Descriptions
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Cornell University
Copyright David W. Henderson and Daina Taimina. Made publicly available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike License. For all other uses see KMODDL Rights & Permissions.
slider crank, topological extensions, offset slider cranks
In this tutorial we describe various manifestations of slider cranks among Reuleaux kinematic models. It is divided into four sections: 1.Generic Slider Crank 2. Inversions of the Slider Crank 3. Offset Slider Cranks 4. Topological Extensions of the Slider Crank.
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Daina Taimina
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Author: David W. Henderson
Author: Daina Taimina
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Ralated Models:
O02. Planetary Gear with Slider Crank
K01. Simple, Crossed, Slider Kinematic Chain
UK005. Excentric Slider Mechanism (left)
D06. Slider-Crank Linkage with Reduced Centrodes
E06. Eccentric-Slider Mechanism
K02. Double Crossed Slider Kinematic Chains
E05. Eccentric Slider Crank Mechanism
D03. Turning Block Slider-Crank -Inversion
E04. Eccentric-Slider Mechanism
D07. Double Slider-Crank Mechanism with Circular Guideway
D02. Swinging Block Slider Crank Mechanism
E03. Eccentric-Slider Mechanism
O04. Planetary Gear with Slider Crank
E01. Eccentric slider crank Mechanism
O03. Planetary Gear with Slider Crank
C04. Slider Crank Mechanism with Higher Order Pair
D09. Double Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion.
154. Horizontal Slide Valve Engine
D04. Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion
C06. Slider Crank Mechanism
C05. Inversion of Slider-Crank Mechanism with Higher Pair Joints
O05. Planetary Gear, Slider-Crank Kinematic Chain
D01. Slider-Crank Linkage With Variable Angle Slider
E02. Eccentric Slider Crank Mechanism
D14. Annular Slider-Crank Mechanism
D13. Skewed Double Slider-Crank Mechanism
136. Baling Press
D11. Double Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion
D10. Double Slider Ellipsograph of Leonardo da Vinci
C02. Slider Crank Mechanism