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X01. Verge and Foliot Escapement

X02. Cylinder Clock Escapement

X03. Three-tooth Clock Escapement

X04. Pin Escapement

X06. Doublewheel Gravity Escapement

X07. Anchor Deadbeat Escapement

X08. Inverted Graham Anchor Clock Escapement Adapted by Reuleaux

X09. Anchor Escapement with Lever

X10. Chronometer Escapement

X11. German Clock Striking Train

X12. English Clock Striking Train

Y01. Reversing Belt Transmission Mechanism of Sellers

Y02. untitled

Y03. Three-Pulley Reversing Belt Transmission with Bevel Gears

Y05. Three-Pulley Reversing Belt Transmission with an Intermediate Gear Train after Schwarzkopf Wheel

Y06. untitled

Y07. Three-Pulley Reversing Belt Transmission with Planetary Gear Train

Y09. Reversing Belt Transmission with Friction Wheels

Y10. Friction Wheel Mechanism

Y11. Whitworth Drilling Feed Mechanism

Y13. Ratchet-Coupled Planetary and Spur Gear Trains After Reuleaux

Y14. Reversing Mechanism with Ring Gear and Radial Planet Gear Shift

Y15. Clutch and Belt Transmission

Y16. Reversing Planetary Gear Train with Shift Lever

Y17. Differential Gear Train Reversing Mechanism

Y18. Reversing Mechanism with Two Ratchet Wheels and Planetary Gear Train

Y19. Bevel Gear Differential Mechanism with Conical Wheels and Friction Coupling

Y20. Friction Wheel Reversing Clutch

Z01. Cylinder Coupling of Fossey

Z02. Cylinder Coupling of Kochlin

Z03. Power Machine Coupling of Uhlhorn

Z04. Power Machine Coupling of Pouyer

Z05. Oldham’s Coupling

Z06. Grooved Disc Coupling of Reuleaux

Z07. Cone Coupling


zwangsgesteuerter Kurventrieb Herzkurve

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