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Blank. Create your own Simulation

C04. Slider Crank Mechanism with Higher Order Pair

C08. Simple Planet and Ring Gear Wheel Train

D01. Slider Crank with Fixed Slider or Prismatic Joint

D04. Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion

D11. Double Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion

Four-Bar 0 0 Double Rocker 04

Four-Bar 0 Pi Double Rocker 05

Four-Bar Crank Rocker 01

Four-Bar Double Crank 03

Four-Bar Double Rocker 08

Four-Bar Pi 0 Double Rocker 06

Four-Bar Pi Pi Double Rocker 07

Four-Bar Rocker Crank 02

G01. Compound Geared Wheel Train

G02. Rückkehrendes Stirnräderwerk mit 1 Hohlrad

O01. Planetary Gear with Four Bar Linkage

Palette of Mechanisms -- Source

S01. Exact Slider Crank Ellipse and Straight Line Linkage

S02. Double Slider Trammel Ellipse Tracing Linkage

S03. Oblique Slider Crank Straight Line Linkage

S04. Oblique Double Slider Ellipse and Straight Line Mechanism

S05. Four Bar Linkage Straight Line Mechanism after Evans

S06. Angenäherter Ellipsenlenker II. Art Evans

S07. Angenäherter Ellipsenlenker III. Art

S12. Umgekehrter Ellipsenlenker III. Nehrlich

S13. Umgekehrter genauer Ellipsenlenker mit ganzem Spiel

S14. Approximate Four Bar Straight Line Linkage of Roberts

S19. Cross Link Straight Line Mechanism

S23. Umgekehrter Conchoidenlenker III. Art

S24. Lemniscoidal Linkage of Watt (I.)

S25. Lemniscoidal Linkage of Watt (II. and III.)

S30. Approximate Straight Line Linkage of Tschebischeff

S32. Approximate Straight Line Linkage of Reuleaux

S33. Straight Line Linkage of Maudslay

S34. Cartwright Straight Line Mechanism

S35. Peaucellier Straight Line Mechanism

S36. Parallelogram Straight Line 'Stork Bill' Mechanism

S37. Four Bar Linkage with Parallelogram Straight Line Mechanism

S39. Rhombus Straight-Line Linkage

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