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S03. Oblique Slider Crank Straight-line Linkage

S09. Double Slider Straight-line Mechanism of Reuleaux

S16. Hypocycloid Straight-line Mechanism

S17. Inversion of Hypocycloid Gear Train Ellipse and Straight-line Mechanism

S18. Epicyloid Straight-Line Linkage

S22. Conchoidal Straight-Line Linkage of the Third Kind after Reichenbach

S30 Six Link, Straight-Line Mechanism of Chebyshev Movie (flv)

S30. Intermediate Linkage of Straight-Line Mechanisms of Chebyshev

S32. Straight line mechanism

S34. Cartwright Straight-line Mechanism

S35. Peaucellier Straight-line Mechanism

S38. Half “Stork’s Bill” Straight-Line Mechanism

S39. Rhombus Straight-Line Linkage

Schroeder 1343 swf

Schroeder 1356 swf

Schroeder 1357 swf

Scotch Yoke Movie(flv)

Sewing Machine Movie 1(flv)

Sewing Machine Movie 2(flv)

Slotted Bell Crank Drive Movie(flv)

Slotted Cross Head (Boston) or Straight Line Drive (Newark) Movie(flv)

Slotted Yoke Drive Movie(flv)

Square Gear CAD Movie(flv)

Stop Wind Movie(flv)

Straight Line Drive Movie(flv)

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