Redtenbacher Collection of Kinematic Mechanisms, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

This Redtenbacher Kinematics Collection contains about 100 models of mechanisms, most of them manufactured in the workshop of the Polytechnische Schule in Karlsruhe, Germany which is the oldest Technische Universität (technical university) of Germany (founded in 1825). The models were created under the guidance of Ferdinand Redtenbacher when he was Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of this institution from 1841 to 1863 <more about Redtenbacher Collection>. In 1857, Redtenbacher wrote a book and catalog that described 60 models of the collection (with a supplement of 20 models in 1861) and presented systematic categories for the whole variety of machine mechanisms that more or less is retained in the virtual presentation here.

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