Model: N10 Intermittent Mechanism with Cylinder Ratchet
Intermittent mechanisms of the Geneva wheel type, (N-8, N-9), as well as N-10, N-11, are classified by Reuleaux as ratchet gearing. In model N-10, continuous motion of the right-hand wheel produces digital motion of the left-hand wheel. These mechanisms were often used as counting devices. Reuleaux said that N-10 was used in English gas meters. In N-10 the center pin on the right-hand wheel is a locking pin whereas the left and right prongs engage one of the teeth on the digital wheel and advance it one fraction of a turn. This device can run in either direction.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

Reference :

  • Reuleaux : Constructor (4th Ed. Chapter XVIII Ratchet Gearing §255, Figure 760, 1893)