Model: N06 Langen Overrunning Clutch
This is a model of a Langen overrunning clutch that was a key component of the 1867 internal combustion engine of Otto and Langen. The clutch was invented in 1865 as a solution to the problem of transferring linear reciprocating motion of the cylinder into rotational motion of the flywheel. The cylindrical rollers around the periphery of the mechanism lock in one direction of motion and slip for motion in the other direction. In some ways this acts as a mechanical diode. Langen was a classmate of Reuleaux at Karlsruhe. Reuleauax was also a consultant to the Otto engine project. Otto and Langen entered the engine in the Paris Exhibition in Paris in 1867. The French built Lenoir engine was expected to win the medal. However Reuleaux was on the judging panel. He proposed that the engines be tested for fuel efficiency. The Otto-Langen engine used up to one half the fuel and was awarded the gold medal by Napoleon III. As a result, the engine garnered several thousand orders.

Francis Moon 2001-00-00

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