Model: Rolling Centrodes and Path Points for a Four-bar Linkage
This unique model was designed to show the relative motions of links in a four-bar mechanism. In Reuleaux's "Kinematics of Machinery", 1876, he related how the relative motion between any two bodies in a plane can be described by the rolling of one body on another. The rolling curves are called 'centrodes' and are shown as the curved elements in the model. The glass panel was used to inscribe the space paths of points on each of the links. Thus Reuleaux created a 3D version of what today is called computer graphics to illustrate geometric motions of mechanisms. This model built by Gustav Voigt of Berlin was from the second catalog of Reuleaux models. These models in the second catalog are most rare and are unique to the Collection at Bauman Moscow S tate Technical University.

Francis Moon 2006-12-20

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