Model: 154 Horizontal Slide Valve Engine
This is the well known type of reciprocating slide valve engine in universal use. Steam entering steam ports alternately by action of sliding valve, operates piston in cylinder. Attached to the piston rod is a crank and crank arm which drives the fly wheel. An eccentric on drive shaft operates the sliding valve through eccentric rod.
[Virginia Downward & William M. Clark, 1930]

[Editor’s Note: This engine uses the classic slider-crank mechanism. The sliding piston not only drives the crank-flywheel, but also moves a linkage that moves the steam control valve. The slider-crank mechanism can be seen in Model C-2 of the Reuleaux-Voigt collection. The sliding-valve engine was also a popular model of the Darmstadt based model maker Schroeder who produced several types in the mid to late 19th century. FCM]

Francis Moon 2005-00-00

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