Model: I06 Repsold's Pump
Application: Pump.
This is a variation of the Pappenheim chamber-wheel train, having only one tooth per pump wheel. It was patented as early as 1830 by Lecocq in France, but was built to a large extent by the Hamburg firm of Repsold. The profiles of the teeth beyond the pitch circles and beneath the "points" are epicycloids; the profiles from the pitch circle to the root are essentially hypocycloidal.

Delivery of the pump is not uniform, but the variation is so little as to be negligible. Because sliding contact necessarily occurs, it is difficult to maintain a tight joint and therefore the device is suited only to low pressure differentials.

The device is built by Repsold's was used in mine draining operations, and as a fire pump-in England it served as a hydraulic motor and as a gas pump in gas works.

Francis Moon 2001-00-00

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