Model: 101 Auto Timer and Distributor
In an internal combustion engine, it is necessary that the igniting spark occur only in the cylinder that is ready to be fired and at the right time in the cycle of operations. The timer and distributor is the device which regulates this action. The revolving arm is rotated by cam shaft of the engine. As it revolves, it closes contact with the four terminals on the shell of timer, causing current to go to spark plugs on the engine and fire them in regular order. In this model the firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2. The other arm, called the breaker arm breaks the current at each contact point as revolving arm travels against cam attached to it.
[Virginia Downward & William M. Clark, 1930]

[Editor’s Note: Obviously modern electronic ignition systems have replaced this device on 2005 era vehicle engines. FCM]

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