Model: 041 Straight Line Motions
With slight variation in construction, two oscillating horizontal arms, if pinned in a straight line with the vertical rod, produce a straight line motion of this rod. This linkage maintains straight line movement where desired.
[Virginia Downward & William M. Clark, 1930]

[Editor’s Note: In the late 18th century, James Watt invented a linkage for his steam engine that would convert rotary motion into approximate straight-line motion. These two Clark models illustrate this kinematic property. The Reuleaux-Voigt models contain a series of 39 different straight-line mechanisms in the S series of models. The models S-24 to S-26 are similar to Watt's design for steam engines. Later in the mid 19th century a French engineer, Charles Peaucellier invented an exact straight-line mechanism, model S-35, using eight links instead of Watt's original four link mechanism. FCM]

Francis Moon 2005-00-00

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