Model: G03 Planetary Gear Train
In this model, a simple gear pair kinematic chain is coupled to a planet and ring gear rotating on the same two shafts as the base chain. (See model G-1) In the model shown, the horizontal link joining the two shafts is fixed. The two smaller gear wheels are connected and rotate together. Thus, clockwise motion of the central or “sun” gear, drives the ring gear counterclockwise. So-called planetary gear trains are widely used in automotive machinery as well as in servo-motor speed reducers found in robotic machines.

In this model, the outer ring gear has 120 teeth, the sun gear 44, and the “planet” pinion in this pair has 36 teeth. This model was designed with two circular “bosses” on the sun gear so that one can fix the sun gear (using pedestal H-1), and force the link and the planet gear to rotate about the sun gear.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

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