Model: F05 Wedding Chamber Crank Mechanism
Crank Chamber Works For Pumps and Engines. Application: Ventilator. Blowing machine, patented in Prussia by Wedding in 1868.

[Version August 2004]
Title: Wedding Pump or Engine

In this mechanism the inner cylinder moves on an axel fixed to a plate that rotates in the back of the fixed circular cylinder or chamber. This is in contrast to the sliding vane pumps in models F2, F3, F4. The sliding vane in model F5 is fixed to the moving inner cylinder and is allowed to penetrate the fixed chamber, with a fan-shaped side chamber attached to prevent escape of fluid. Such a mechanism can be operated as either a pump or an engine. There are two openings in the bottom of the fixed chamber to permit entrance and exit of fluid from the pump-engine.

This mechanism is named after a German engineer, Wedding who patented this device as a blower in Prussia in 1868.

Ref: F. Reuleaux (1876) Kinematics of Machinery, §81, Plate XVII Fig. 4, p. 356-359, Dover Edition, 1963.

H. Roehl 1950-00-00