Model: S31 Six Link, Straight-line Mechanism of Harwey

This model is a six-link compound kinematic chain with two kinematic circuits. The six links and seven revolute joints result in one degree of freedom according to the mobility criterion. One of the links is grounded on the pedestal and the crank and coupler link are not essential. The point on the middle of the center vertical link moves in an approximate straight line that drives the pin below the linkage in a vertical guide. The straight-line mechanism was pioneered by James Watt as one of his major inventions for the steam engine around 1780. (See Model S-24). The kinematic synthesis of six-link compound mechanisms with specific mathematic coupler curves continued to develop well into the 20th century. An exact eight-link planar straight-line linkage was discovered by Peaucillier in 1864. (See Model S-35).

Francis Moon 2003-07-01

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