Model: S03 Oblique Slider Crank Straight-line Linkage
This model is related to S-1, S2 and S-4. It was known since the Renaissance era that a double slider linkage could trace an ellipse. As a related problem it was also known that a single slider crank mechanism could also trace an ellipse if the crank arm was of equal length to the connecting link between the crank and slider cylindrical joints. This was demonstrated by Reuleaux in the model S-2 with perpendicular crossed slider guides. In the model S-4, the double slider mechanism has obliquely oriented slider guides and is shown to produce a straight-line motion. In this model, S-3, Reuleaux shows that one can also generate a straight-line motion with a single slider crank oblique to the linear motion provided that the tracing arm is fixed a special angle to the crank.

Francis Moon 2003-07-01

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