Model: D06 Slider-Crank Linkage with Reduced Centrodes

The slider-crank linkage is illustrated in model C-2. The model D-6 serves to illustrate the fact that the relative motion between any two links in a kinematic chain can be made equivalent to the rolling of one part on another. The two rolling surfaces upon which the two links are attached are called the centrodes of the pair of links. Viewed from the ‘back’ of model D-6, one can see the motion of the slider-crank linkage, similar to C-2, when one of the links is rotated by the geared motion. From the front one can see two non-circular discs roll on one another; one disc is fixed to one of the links of the slider-crank, while the other disc is geared to the motion of the rotating crank linkage. These two discs represent the so-called reduced centrodes of the linkage.

Francis Moon 2004-08-01

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