Model: F06 Davies Spherical Engine
This is a model of a spherical steam engine invented by Davies in 1826. The mechanism is similar to a Hookes joint. The outer part of the model consists of glass sections of a spherical surface. The inside is devided into four rotating chambers, similar to the Wankel Engine developed in the mid 20th century. This invention is remarkable for its three dimensional design. (F.Moon, 2001)

This engine received a great deal of attention after its invention in 1830; the interest and the reason for its eventual disuse are described in Reuleaux KINEMATICS of MACHINERY. "There are considerable difficulties in the way of waking a steam-tight line of contact of the disc and the cones. -- The bravado in machine construction appears to make light of all difficulties." One of these engines was used for a while prior to 1857, but with little or no success, to run the presses of the LONDON TIMES. (H. Roehl, c. 1950)

Francis Moon 2003-05-29