Model: Y09 Reversing Belt Transmission with Friction Wheels
This model is a compound mechanism consisting of a belt drive transmission and a friction wheel coupling. Belt drive mechanisms are found in the V-series of models and a similar friction wheel device can be seen in Models Y-10 and Y-20. In Model Y-9, a crank wheel rotates a small wheel that turns between two discs aligned on axes perpendicular to that of the drive wheel. The two discs turn by fiction in opposite directions. One disc wheel is coupled to a belt drive that turns a pulley on an axis parallel to that of the friction wheel. The other disc wheel is coupled to a belt drive in which the belt is crossed and rides over another pulley fixed to the same axes as the first pulley. Both the direct drive belt pulley and the crossed belt pulley move with exactly the same rotary motion. As an added feature, there is a lever-actuated rack and partial pinion that can move the small friction wheel between the larger discs, thus changing the speed ratio between the crank wheel and the belt motion.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

Reference :

  • Reuleaux : Constructor (4th Edition, § 191, Fig. 556, p. 124, 1893)