Model: Y05 Three-Pulley Reversing Belt Transmission with an Intermediate Gear Train after Schwarzkopf
This model is a compound mechanism combining a belt drive transmission (see the V- series) with a set of gear wheels. The belt drive couples the rotation of two parallel shafts and is similar to the one in Model Y-3, with two driven pulley wheels and a central neutral wheel.

The crank is coupled to both the outside pulley wheel as well as a coaxial gear wheel. This gear transfers rotation to another shaft through a mating gear. The outside set of gears uses a smaller intermediate gear to reverse the motion. The resulting gear rotation is opposite in direction to that of the crank and is coupled through a shaft to the inside belt pulley. As one turns the crank with, say, the belt initially on the outside pulley, one can shift the belt first to the neutral pulley wheel, and then to the inside pulley that turns in a direction opposite to the crank motion.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00