Model: Y03 Three-Pulley Reversing Belt Transmission with Bevel Gears
This is a compound mechanism combining a belt drive (V series of models) and a set of three bevel gears. A crank drives one bevel gear that is coupled to two other gears. Each of these gears turns in the opposite direction to the other and are coupled to shafts that are nested one inside the other. The belt drive couples motion about two parallel axes and uses three pulley wheels that turn about the same axis. The outside pulley is coupled to the outside bevel gear while the inside pulley is coupled to the inside bevel gear. The intermediate pulley wheel is free or neutral. As the crank turns, one can move a belt shift slide on the base (e.g., Model V-16), to move the belt from, say, the outside pulley to the neutral position and then to the inside pulley thus reversing the direction of motion.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00