Model: Y01 Reversing Belt Transmission Mechanism of Sellers
In this mechanism two parallel axels are couple by two belts, one of which is crossed. One of the axels has three circular rollers, two of which slip relative to the axel rotation. A central shift lever can move either belt from its idler pulley onto the drive pulley thereby providing a means to change direction of rotation between the two axels.

Reuleaux’s attribution of this mechanism to Sellers could refer to one of the two American cousins William Sellers (1824-1905) of Philadelphia or Coleman Sellers (1827-19) of Niagara Falls. The latter was president of the ASME (1886-1887) and designed large dynamics for power plants at Niagara Falls. His cousin William did a lot of work with screw threads.

Reuleaux wrote letters to both cousins (in English) and sent a copy of his German translation of Hiawatha to William Sellers’ wife in 1894.

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Francis Moon 2004-07-00

Reference :

  • Reuleaux : Constructor (4th Ed. Chapter XX; Belting, §276 - §281, 1893)

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