Model: X08 Inverted Graham Anchor Clock Escapement Adapted by Reuleaux
Clocks are not pure kinematic mechanisms because their motions are governed by the Newtonian Laws of Motion as well as the geometric constraints between the machine elements. An escapement regulates the energy added each cycle of the pendulum through the falling weight to make-up for the energy loss in the bearings. The classic anchor escapement, invented by George Graham around 1730, consists of a wheel of teeth, driven by the moment of the weight and the gear train and two recoil pallets attached to the pendulum. In the so-called dead-beat Graham anchor the pallets are attached to a twin-arm or circular-shaped holder that sits on top of the escapement wheel. In model X-8, Reuleaux has turned the c-shaped anchor upside down. As the pendulum oscillates, the escapement wheel engages one of the pallets on the pendulum and adds a small impulse while allowing the sheel to advance one tooth pitch.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

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