Model: D04 Slider-Crank Mechanism-Inversion
The slider-crank mechanism is one of the most useful mechanisms in modern technology since it appears in most of the internal combustion engines including automobiles, trucks and small engines. Reuleaux designed many variations of the slider-crank models for the Voigt catalog including C-2, D-1-4, D-6. The eccentric mechanisms in models E-1-7 are also extensions of the slider-crank. The slider-crank kinematic chain consists of four bodies linked with three cylindrical joints and one sliding or prismatic joint. Four different mechanisms or inversions of this kinematic chain are possible depending on which body is grounded; the crank, connecting link, sliding link and slot link. In model D-4, the slot link is fixed. Besides application to engines and pumps the slider-crank is used in so-called “quick-return” mechanisms.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

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