Model: V08 Horrizontal to Vertical Axes Belt-Pulley Transmission
In this model a belt transmits motion from one pulley on a horrizontal axis to another pulley rotating about a vertical axis. Many of the models in the V series show that belts can run over narrow pulleys without edge guides. On inspection the pulleys in models V-3 to V-8 have crowned rims on the pulleys, i.e., the diameter is larger at the middle than on the edge. [The pulley can be thought of as a narrow, central slice of a sphere] In fact, the model V-2 was designed to demonstrate that a belt under tension will run from a smaller diameter toward a higher diameter. This property was described and derived by one of the first theoreticians in the kinematics of mechanics, Robert Willis (1800–1875) in his 1842 and 1870 editions of Principles of Mechanism. Willis taught at Cambridge University.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

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