Model: V06 Belt Drive with Non-Parallel Axes
This model is similar to V-3, V-7 in that rotary motion about one axis is transferred to another non parallel axes through a belt and pulley mechanism. In model V-6 the input and output axes of rotation are horizontal but are not parallel. To help guide the belt a single pulley on a vertical axel is used between the input and output axes. The three pulleys have crowned rims, i.e., rounded so that the maximum diameter is at the center of the rim. As demonstrated in model V-8, a belt under tension will tend to move toward the higher diameter. This means that pulleys with spherical or crown shaped rims are self aligning for moving belts under tension.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

Reference :

  • Reuleaux : Constructor (4th Edition Chapter XX, §276, Figure 853, p. 187, 1893)