Model: T12 Compound Crank Parallel Guide of Redtenbacher

A circular ring near the base of Model T-12 is constrained to vertical motion by four sliding constraints at the base. The ring is made to move vertically or parallel to itself by four ganged cranks that are turned by single crank and worm gear. Model T-12 is part of a set of three similar mechanisms including T-11 and T-13. Reuleaux’ use of the German term Schutzenzug in the Voigt Catalog does not translate clearly in 20th Century German-English dictionaries.

Redtenbacher was a leading professor of machine engineering at the Technical University at Karlsruhe in Germany in the first half of the 19th century. He taught both Franz Reuleaux as well as Karl Langen who with Otto developed the first comercial internal combustion engines. Karl Benz was also his student. Redtenbacher built a kinematic model collection at Karlsruhe of around 100 models.

Francis Moon 2004-11-07

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