Model: C05 Inversion of Slider-Crank Mechanism with Higher Pair Joints
The classic slider-crank mechanism (model C02) has four links connected by three revolute joints and one prismatic joint of lower pairs or surface contact. In this inversion, the crank link is replaced by a circular guide, and the revolute joint between the crank and coupler link is replaced by a higher pair joint, i.e. a cylinder sliding in the circular slot. Similarly for the slider a surface-joint pair is replaced by a pin in a slot. The replacement of lower pair or surface contact joints by line contact joints results in kinematic linkage with only two links. Reuleaux called this a reduced kinematic chain.

One of Reuleaux’s important contributions to kinematics of mechanisms was the recognition that several different-looking mechanisms in fact belonged to the same class of kinematic chain, in the case of this model the class of slider-crank kinematic circuits.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

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