Model: Q08 Disc Wheels with Pin Teeth
In the gear teeth system of Q-8, the smaller gear with pin teeth overlaps the larger gear with teeth shaped as segments of circular arcs. The geometry is such that as the smaller wheel rotates the circular pin is in constant contact with the circular arc-shaped teeth. Vorgt’s catalog assigned Reuleaux’s name as the inventor. The catalog also used the term “shielding gearing” as did Reuleaux in his 4th Edition of his Constructor (1893).

Gear teeth made of pins have a long history dating back before the Renaissance and perhaps to the late Roman engineering era. Reuleaux references the machine book of Zonca (1621) Teatro di Machine who called such teeth Scudi Dentati.

[See digitized copy of Zonca in KMODDL references]

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

Reference :

  • Reuleaux : Constructor (4th Ed. §211, Figure 585, 591, 1893)

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