Model: O05 Planetary Gear, Slider-Crank Kinematic Chain
Model O-5 is similar to Models O-2 and O-4 in the Voigt Catalog. Reuleaux calls these examples of combined kinematic chains. In this model, there are five links. The fixed base holds two revolute joints. The sliding guide is constrained to the base by one of the revolute joints and constrained to the rod that is fixed to the larger gear. The pinion gear is affixed to another link that rotates on a revolute joint at the base. Finally, there is a link connecting the two gear wheels by two revolute joints. The model is designed so that it can be removed from its base and the large gear fixed as a sun gear and the pinion roll as a planet gear. The pinion has 26 teeth and the larger gear as 52 teeth.

Francis Moon 2004-07-00

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