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Because of the misuse of the form we have temporarily disabled it. You can email us at the address given in the 'Contact us' page. Thank you for providing feedback about KMODDL. We would like to understand your experience in using this web site so that we can improve our design and make our content more accessible and more useful. Unless you choose to provide your name, your response is anonymous; we treat all responses to this survey as confidential. Please feel free to email our Principal Investigator, John Saylor ( if you have further questions about the survey.

1. How did you hear about the KMODDL web site?

Friend(s) and/or Colleague(s)
Search Engine
In class:
Web Site:

2. What was your main purpose in visiting the site?

I was looking for specific information about:
I wanted to learn about kinematics
I wanted to learn about the history of machines
I wanted to learn about geometry
I was just browsing

3. Did you accomplish your purpose?


4. What is your overall experience with this website?

5. What types of difficulty did you have when using this web site?

6. Indicate your degree of agreement with the following statements:

Strongly Disagree
2 3 Neutral
5 6 Strongly Agree
I find the site easy to use.

I find the site exciting.

7. Indicate your degree of agreement with the following statements about different resources in KMODDL:

This type of resource helped my learning

กก Do Not Know
Strongly Disagree
2 3 Neutral
5 6 Strongly Agree
Text Materials (example)
Movies (example)
Interactive Simulations (example)

8. How likely is it that you could recommend the KMODDL web site to a friend or colleague?

Very Unlikely
2 3 Neutral
5 6 Very Likely

9. Please provide any comments you would like about your experience using this site and any suggestions for improvements or additional features:

10. Are you a student? Yes No

If Yes, which level?

11. Are you a teacher? Yes No

If yes, at which level do you teach:

Which subject(s) do you teach:

12. If you are neither a student nor a teacher, what is your profession?

13. Your age:

14. Your gender: Male Female

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