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Hartenberg, Kinematic Synthesis of Linkages, 1964.

Table of Contents Click Adobe PDF icons to download book sections.

Front Matter
Download PDF: Front Matter (3.4 MB) Front Cover, Title Page, Preface, Table of Contents, Introduction
Download PDF: Chapter I (7.7 MB) Chapter 1: An Outline of Kinematics to 1900 (pages 15-41)
Download PDF: Chapter II (4.2 MB) Chapter 2: Concepts and Notations Related to Mechanisms (pages 42-81)
Download PDF: Chapter III (11 MB) Chapter 3: Kinematic Models (pages 82-101)
Download PDF: Chapter IV (3.5 MB) Chapter 4: Kinematic Analysis of Planar Motion (pages 102-143)
Download PDF: Chapter V (1.6 MB) Chapter 5: Type, Number, and Dimensional Synthesis (pages 144-161)
Download PDF: Chapter VI (4.2 MB) Chapter 6: Four-Bar Coupler-Point Curves (pages 162-207)
Download PDF: Chapter VII (1.4 MB) Chapter 7: The Euler-Savary Equation and the Cubic of Stationary Curvature (pages 208-228)
Download PDF: Chapter VIII (2.2 MB) Chapter 8: Geometric Methods of Synthesis with Three Accuracy Points (pages 229-262)
Download PDF: Chapter IX (2.8 MB) Chapter 9: Geometric Methods of Synthesis with Four Accuracy Points (pages 263-308)
Download PDF: Chapter X (1.7 MB) Chapter 10: Algebraic Methods of Synthesis Using Displacement Equations (pages 309-334)
Download PDF: Chapter XI (1.4 MB) Chapter 11: Algebraic Methods of Synthesis Using Complex Numbers (pages 335-356)
Download PDF: Chapter XII (5.4 MB) Chapter 12: Synthesis of Spatial Linkages (pages 357-382)
Back Matter
Download PDF: Appendix (1.9 MB) Appendix: Mathematical Tracts (pages 383-410)
Download PDF: Problems (1.5 MB) Problems (pages 411-444)
Download PDF: Index (1.4 MB) Index, Back Cover


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