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Durley, Kinematics of Machines, 1903.

Table of Contents Click Adobe PDF icons to download book sections.

Front Matter
Download PDF: Front Matter (2.7 MB) Front Cover, Title Page, Preface, Table of Contents
Download PDF: Chapter I (5.7 MB) Chapter I. Introductory Considerations.
Download PDF: Chapter II (3.1 MB) Chapter II. Position, Velocity, and Acceleration.
Download PDF: Chapter III (1.7 MB) Chapter III. Plane Mechanisms containing only Turning Pairs.
Download PDF: Chapter IV (2.8 MB) Chapter IV. Slider-Crank Chains.
Download PDF: Chapter V (1.7 MB) Chapter V. Determination of Velocity and Acceleration in Plane Mechanisms.
Download PDF: Chapter VI (1.8 MB) Chapter VI. Alteration of Mechanisms. Closure.
Download PDF: Chapter VII (1.9 MB) Chapter VII. Constraint and Velocity Ratio in Higher Pairing involving Plane Motion.
Download PDF: Chapter VIII (3.3 MB) Chapter VIII. Wheel-Trains and Mechanisms containing them. Cams.
Download PDF: Chapter IX (3.7 MB) Chapter IX. Ratchet Mechanisms and Escapements.
Download PDF: Chapter X (10.2 MB) Chapter X. Mechanisms involving Non-Rigid Links.
Download PDF: Chapter XI (12.9 MB) Chapter XI. Chains involving Screw Motion.
Download PDF: Chapter XII (10.2 MB) Chapter XII. Spheric Motion.
Download PDF: Chapter XIII (1.1 MB) Chapter XIII. Kinematic Classification of Mechanisms.
Front Matter
Download PDF: Back Matter (4.2 MB) Index, Catalogue of Publications (John Wiley & Sons), Back Cover


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