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Help: K-MODDL eBook Search

Searching the K-MODDL eBooks is boolean based, with the ability to limit query terms to specific fields. Query terms: Each word is considered an individual term and by default is combined by an AND operator with any other term in the same query box (see Boolean operators below).

To search on a phrase, use quotation marks ("lost in translation" will find this exact phrase). For truncation, use the wildcard character *.

Case (upper and lower) is ignored in indexing. Diacritical marks are also ignored (muller will find Müller).

Boolean operators: Within a single query box (a single field), words may be combined using the boolean operators AND and OR. Entering jones or smith in a query box, will return documents with either term in the designated search field. If multiple terms (words) are entered in a single query box without an explicit boolean operator, the terms are combined with the AND operator. So, jones smith will return only those records with both terms in the designated search field.

The maximum number of hits for a search results is 500.

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