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Berlin Kinematic Models, the by ), Kennedy, Alex B.W. (Author). (1876)

Book Review: The Kinematics of Machinery; Outlines of a Theory of Machines, Releaux, translated by ABW Kennedy by ), Kennedy, Alex B.W. (Author). (1876)

Influence of the Technical Sciences upon General Culture by ), Reuleaux, Franz (Author). (1885)

Mechanical Models by ), Gosner, Kenneth L. (Author). (date unknown)

Mutual Relations of Geometry and Mechanics and Prof Reuleaux's Mechanical Movements by ), Gradenwitz, A. (Author). (1908-03-21)

On a Method of Expressing by Signs The Action of Machinery by ), Babbage, Charles (Author). (1826)

Professor Franz Reuleaux, A Biographical Sketch by ), Zopke, Hans (Author). (1896)

Sibley College, Cornell University: New Schools of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Arts by ), unidentified, (Author). (1885-10-17)

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