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Paventi, Carlo (Author). 3D-Printing the History of Mechanisms (2003)

Taimina, Daina (Author). Experiencing Meanings in Geometry (2003)

Henderson, David W. (Author). Usability, Learning, and Subjective Experience: User Evaluation of K-MODDL in an Undergraduate Class (2004)

), Moon, Francis (Author). Franz Reuleaux: Contributions to 19th C. Kinematics and Theory of Machines (2002)

), Taimina, Daina (Author). How it was to study and to teach mathematics in Cornell at the end of 19th century (2003)

), Taimina, Daina (Author). Historical Mechanisms for Drawing Curves (2004)

Henderson, David W. (Author). How to Use History to Clarify Common Confusions in Geometry (2003)

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