Tutorials for self-study and classroom use

KMODDL contains several Web tutorials developed by Cornell University faculty members as guides to specific aspects of the collection’s content. Some tutorials are suitable for self-study; all will aid instructors at various educational levels in integrating materials from the digital library into their students’ curricula. Currently, tutorials are available for use in:

  • College and university courses in mathematics, engineering design, and history of technology
  • High school courses in mathematics and technology
  • Middle school courses in mathematics and technology

The tutorials are linked from the descriptive pages of the models to which they pertain (under “resources”). You may also browse them by selecting the “tutorials” link from the right sidebar on the KMODDL homepage, or search by key word, subject, or author.
The tutorials have been tested and evaluated in the classroom. Educators using KMODDL source material are encouraged to produce tutorials of their own and submit them for possible inclusion in the collection.